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Kalli Erwin

• Mom  • Wife   • Clinical Counselor  • Declutter Master

As a licensed clinical professional counselor, I know the importance of decluttering your space and what that can do for your mental health, sense of well being and also productivity. After 15 years of working in education, I pivoted and left the field to pursue professional organizing! 


As a mom of a 4-year old and 5-year old, my home absolutely has to have a FLOW (well, most days). 



This picture is from the summer of 2022. My daughter is not a fan of strangers and especially a stranger with a camera on a day with a head index of 100 degrees. I feel like it is the best illustration for mom life

Mom life requires a lot of back end work like... finding photographer, getting a date that works for everyone, figuring out coordinating outfits that the kids will actually wear, bringing backup outfits etc. etc. 

This was the best family pic that we could come up with.

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